26 October 2008

i was asked what kind of revolutions i believe in

my revolutions?
pens that heal with words of love
for community

jolt life to a halt
quintessential question is
"what are you doing?"

trajectory of our world
where do we end up?

plan for the future
plant gardens in empty lots

paying homage to
abandoned child (hood dreams)
how could we forget?

name the secret truths
they're no more real than me
even when they hurt

tears. freedom to feel
compassion: "suffering with"
laughter lives here now

choose your family
offer self for scrutiny
belonging at last

recreate moments
we wish would last forever
if we don't, who will?

then what's important?
strip off the unessential
move gently in love

a new world order
welcomes the tired and poor
calls us daughters/sons

"personal bubbles"
walls of insecurity
flawed nomenclature

destructive patterns
of generational sin
"none of the above"

reaching out for you
knowing your warmth is comfort

living and dying
solitary existence
find another way

unless i believe in a
new revolution.

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