14 February 2007

Distilled Love

we live in a world of broken hearts
half-hearted shoddy romance
romantic notions of far away places
to replace the "here" with an elusive version of "there"

somewhere out there is a fairy tale ending
so i sit... quietly... and wait...

but in this land of shattered dreams,
out knight in shining armor does not exist.
he's taking a kleine Pause and was abgelenkt by billboards of half-naked / half-baked women
wooing him to join their consumer oriented enterprise.

we buy our tangible representations of love
with the blood money we received when
we sold our souls.
waiting does no good.
this is what we call "life."

we break promises and constitutions because
we don't know what else to do.
our bodies roam the dark streets looking for
answers while our tired minds are
too terrified to get out of bed...

a shining light is too easy a metaphor for the
way you stumbled into my bedroom

you are a mischievous adolescent - climbing
through my window, leaving a path of
disheveled bushes and muddy footprints on my freshly
mopped and shined linoleum paneling.

Romance is dead.
you do not offer me songs.
your love does not fly on angel's wings
where i cannot follow.
it does not hide itself with the buried
treasure in the ocean. in my backyard.

you love me now.
you love me real.
you love me.
"simple love" may not exist, but if this i love,
i've known no purer form.

evaporated by the heat of the flames of my
discontented and aggressive emotions.
filtered through the grains - ground close to dust by
repeated self manipulation and mutilation.

you show me a promise of reconstruction.
putting the pieces back together as much as our
human hands can aimlessly attempt.

you are the beginning of a promise that
cannot be broken because it is a deal with my
redeemed soul and the God of the prevailing justice.

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